Products and Services

1.BERNADINOS NIG LTD is Real Estate specialist and a partner for property management and executive rentals.
We combine large scale thinking with personalised, boutique service. Our specialist expertise, refined skills and impeccable attention to detail ensure better returns, lower vacancies and greater peace of mind for our clients.
More than anything else, we build and nurture relationships and emphasise 100% transparency to put you in control of your property transactions. And of course, our boutique service means we are dynamic, and always accessible to you.
BERNADINOS NIG LTD . Your property management specialists
Based on Bernadinos Nig Ltd, we specialize on both new and used trucks,vans and cars , and we also offers spare parts sales. Offering the range of different automobiles, our dealership has a wide variety of these units available, Providing a wide range of options to our customers in terms of power, sizes, intended use, and more. Our range of trucks, vans and cars includes vehicles from
Superior Trucking
General Motors
Bernandinos nig ltd helps in:
Good prices
Proven Quality
Help with shipping & transport
Professional technical service
Different variety of name vehicles and trucks in stock!
In BERNADINOS "Fashion is a requirement for those who are high in their success." -Luxury Consumer- . Consumer confidence is the most important; people don't shop when they are not feeling good. Consumers love to be happy seeing themselves look trendy and up to date. Fashion is a representative of your appearance and your person. It speaks for you in this global world of everyday. we say, the way you look open more doors opportunities for more success.
Bernadinos brings your fashion to you in all varities and form, from MEN, WOMEN, KIDS, ACCESSORIES, GIFT ITEMS, ETC. we deliver them all.
Our company deals on very modest and good quality of all variety of branded phones,computers/laptops, ipads, tablets, and all form of electronic gadgets that will make IT/Telecommunication world much more easier for all individuals. To remain competitive, we serve our customers and provide our employees with the best tools to do their jobs, BERNADINOS NIG LTD makes available to our workforce access to one or more forms of electronic media and services and the World Wide Web.
BERNADINOS NIG LTD is a conglomerate of other groups of Bernadinos subsidiaries. A well specialized and reliable company based in both Nigeria and Spain.
Bernadios is a well profound consultancy services company that offers right advises, channels, lead ways to any or all foreign investors coming to Nigeria for investment. we offer a tailor made specialist services to suit the needs of both clients and investors.
We provide a quality consultancy services covering all disciplines within and outside our specialist sectors. Our consultancy team has the experiences and resources to fulfill all advises, information and deliver a professional and ethical services governing the propelling of your area of interest in investing in our great country Nigeria. In these ever expanding market’s, listening to and understanding the needs of an individual client is where BERNADINOS NIG LTD excels in being able to provide the exact solution for each client's Project needs.
With our regular advertising and large multinational and multidisciplinary database, we can provide suitable consultancy services to any project, there are no boundaries on the size of projects we could supply or furnish you with in whatever information you might be interested in.
The following are example of some of the disciplines we call on investors on and we provide services on too:
Nigeria is rated as one of the most popular produce of oil and gas. It is a well known rich region as far as this aspect of production is concern. BERNADINOS developments in oil and gas consultancy have experience explosive growth in recent years and have become an increasingly important source to the investors on oil and gas to Ngeria. BERNADINOS has develop its expertise over the years by working with numerous clients/investors, from the early exploration phase through the development phase, who are active in all major gas plays. We understand the technological and economic drivers behind this growth, the complexities and the uniqueness to each play, and the uncertainties in estimating producible volumes. Our team can lend its judgment and expertise on consulting to any evaluation. Therefore, We are calling o all interested investors to tap and experience the richness of oil well in our great nation NIGERIA.. Be it in the areas of:
i. oil pipelines
ii. rehabilitation of rigs or construction of new rig
iii. oil block. etc.
Trust that Our team will work with you to quantify your reserves and resources, optimize your development strategies, and identify your expansion opportunities. And, when it comes to getting all your documents and paper works done for the evaluation and accreditation of our esteem investors/clients, you can trust that you will be highly respected by the our government, industry, financial homes and ethnic communities and as such will be accorded all the assistance needed.
Nigeria, with the high population of over 165 million people, you can never go wrong in the business of transportation. This is a situation where the means of transport is never enough to convey everybody at a proper and given time. Nigeria government came up with the rail way system. Bernadinos comes in to advice foreign individuals, groups of companies and investors to explore also in this aspect either by investing on rail way construction or by franchising by bringing in modern cars and technologies.
Nigeria is rich on both vast rich green vegetation, which a whole lots has not yet been tapped out of it. The United State of America is teaming up with the African continent to boost their Agriculture. And as such investors are needed in all wide range of life to invest in agriculture in this continent especially in west Africa- Nigeria, in whatever field or interest of Agriculture our investors are are specialized in.
Bernadinos offer wide range of consultancy services to boost the interest of our clients/investors and enable them fulfill success in their leading specialties.
Nigeria is calling on as ,many investor to come into Nigeria in the field of manufacturing and productions of goods. Nigeria with a ration rate of 165 million has alot to offer in the region of manufacturing. Investors will be given all the accorded assistance needed toward the pursuits of any kind of investment.
Be it either in
ii.Goods and services
iii.Products etc.
Solid minerals sector: Nigeria’s new wealth seeking effective exploration.
Despite huge solid mineral deposits in the nation, the sector is yet to be fully exploited in the face of vast opportunities that investors can exploit,
Fifty one years after Nigeria’s independence, the solid minerals sector is yet to take off fully. In an age when countries around the world are tapping into their natural resources, the nation has continued to rely almost entirely on oil wealth, relegating the bulk of other mineral resources to the background.
Up until the oil boom of the 1970s, Nigeria’s economy was largely sustained by the exploitation of solid minerals. Coal and tin were among the natural resources mined on a massive scale, with the former being used to generate electricity, power the railway network and meet the demands of regional and international markets. Going further, lead and zinc were a significant source of export revenue, and Nigeria was the world's largest exporter of columbite.Despite the laudable achievement solid mineral exploration generated to the economy, however, the country’s reliance on the monolithic product-crude oil- and subsequent membership of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Companies (OPEC) in 1971, made mining activity witness stagnation, and even decline.Only recently, the National Bureau of Statistics revealed that while petrodollars dominate the economy, solid minerals contribute less than 1 percent to Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), as against its 10 percent contribution prior to crude oil exploration and government's Nationalization Policy to take over 60 percent of all shares of major companies in the country.
It turned out that stringent measures imposed by the government to nationalize these companies and enterprises did not benefit either the government or the investors, as most foreign miners abandoned their mines and returned to their countries.However, in a bid to reverse this trend, President Goodluck Jonathan revealed that the focus of his administration is to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and diversify the nation’s revenue base by reducing dependence on oil revenue to about 50 percent by 2020. This, the president re-echoed, while speaking with leading Australian mining and solid mineral investors during the recently concluded Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting (CHOGM) summit in Perth, Western Australia.
In-conclusion, More importantly, the Federal Government is cementing a favorable policy framework to make foreign investment both attractive and tenable to the investors. And Bernadinos consultancy is helping Nigeria’s solid minerals sector to shake off the status of only oil’s relation’ as the principle factor of economy in Nigeria. But to provide a lucrative, sustainable drive on solid minerals that will set the economy on the road to industrialization. investors are welcome to take adequate contemporary data in exploration made available.
Bernadinos Nig Ltd is a consultancy firm, a leading Solution provider & System Integrator located in Nigeria and Spain, with wide regional presence in other part of Europe. Bernadinos has been always keen to develop and deliver excellent business solutions to investors willing to invest in our country Nigeria, aiming to increase end-use revenue, enhance satisfaction, and provide a real competitive edge for its customers in the area of IT and Telecommunication Nigeria.. Nigeria is vast, big, with millions of inhabitants. Telecommunication is a wide range running business like fire in Nigeria. Millions of people are craving for more and new innovation in IT/telecom technology. Bernadinos beckon on all facets of investors to come into Nigeria and explore this great opportunity too.
The Company Bernadinos Nig Ltd also, exports professional services for operators and world-class manufacturers around the globe to Nigeria.
Bernadinos also consult and advice our investors on these area of Services which include
i.Systems analysis,
ii.Solution design,
iii.Full implementations for the investment of medium and large scale telecom projects in Nigeria, iv.Resales and support, maintenance, training, development and consultancy to Nigeria. BERNADINOS NIG LTD on Telecom consulting is your partner for success. We help you our investors boost your productivity and succeed in an increasingly challenging business world by successfully integrating the latest technology products and solutions that deliver today’s mission-critical services and solutions to the enhancement and development towards our great country Nigeria. or ( towards the enhancement and development of our great country Nigeria.)
In the era of old Northern Region, hide and skin business was one of the businesses that the country had export-advantage in, exporting the products to countries within and outside the shores of Africa. Forty-two years after its first export, the business is beginning to get its foothold in the country’s booming export market.
The finished products of the leather work in whatever form commands respect; be it in the form of handbags, shoes, carpets, pillows and all others, especially as handmade designs, 80 per cent of which is done by the women, it is so scintillating and last longer than the machine designed ones.
Bernadinos comes into consulting on this area of specialization for leading investors who are or might be willing to to come into the area of exporting this product to change the end products into a finish goods. BERNADINOS NIG LTD IS THERE FOR YOUR PURPOSE AND MISSION.
There has been a chronic lack of investment in the country's infrastructure sectors. However, reforms and development plans implemented under President Goodluck Jonathan are beginning to take effect - Where the President and other state Governors are calling on inventors to come in and invest in the are of
i. Constructions.
ii. Electricity.
iii. Water Resources etc.